“They wanted to finish off the wounded”: the invaders fired on the hospital in Severodonetsk

One woman died as a result of the impact.

The occupiers shelled a hospital in Severodonetsk / photo facebook.com/sergey.gaidai.loga

Russian invaders fired at a hospital in Severodonetsk . This is one of two medical institutions that continue to operate in the Lugansk region. One woman died as a result of the bombing.

The enemy strike was reported on the official Telegram channel of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration.

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  1. Sad when the orcs hitting another hospital seems the least of the bad news. Posting an unrelated report here from Operator Starsky.

    God comfort us in time of loss and give us the courage to do what is right in Your sight. Empower us to crush the evil before us knowing You have given us the victory over the evils of this world.

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