Russia is preparing a propaganda “press tour” to Mariupol for Western pro-Kremlin media – GUR

Western journalists will be told about the mythical massacres of civilians by the Ukrainian military.

The Russian Federation is preparing a propaganda “press tour” to Mariupol for Western pro-Kremlin media / photo REUTERS

A large-scale political provocation is being prepared in Mariupol . The Russian occupiers are preparing to hold a propaganda press tour for Western pro-Kremlin media. Journalists will be told “alternative facts” about the destruction of the city.

The relevant information was shared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the official Telegram channel .play video

It is reported that the so-called press tour will take place tomorrow, that is, on April 28. The reporters will be transported to Mariupol via Russia’s Rostov.

“The program of the event includes “alternative facts” on the defense of Mariupol. Prepared “witnesses” will tell that allegedly Ukrainian defenders themselves bombed the city and destroyed local residents,” the GUR said.

The so-called eyewitnesses will be provocateurs who will tell about the mythical “mass killings of civilians by the Ukrainian military. According to intelligence, this” press tour “will be a continuation of a series of Russian fakes. They are created in order to shift the blame for their crimes to Ukraine.

“Former” business cards of Yarosh “and” crucified boys “are turning into” self-destructed “Bucha and Mariupol,” summed up the GUR.

Recall that recently the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Volynsky (“Volyn”) recorded a new video message . In the video, he called for the military and civilians who are in Mariupol to be subjected to the “extraction” procedure in the manner of the Dunkirk operation during the Second World War.

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  1. This circus show won’t change a thing. It won’t hide mafia crimes, mafia lies or mafia guilt. It certainly won’t prevent mafia defeat.

  2. It would be interesting to see who turns up for this shitshow:
    Turds from Marine Le Pen’s party, ukip, George Galloway etc?

    • Now the world is getting to know the real Russia. The Russia that Ukraine has always known and the Russia that has always been a bad word in Ukraine. The criminals that ran away from Kyiv 500 years ago are STILL running away from Kyiv. They say the first step to change something is to admit the problem, well, the ruSSians can’t even muster that after 500 years so it is ok to believe they will never change.
      If that’s the case then they should be reset…..manually…..and divided up into unthreatening pieces.

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