Russia is advancing: the Ministry of Defense revealed the aggressive plans of the occupiers near Kharkov

The aggressor did not restore control over the settlement of Velika Komishuvakha and the settlement of Kurulka.

The invaders are advancing in the Kharkiv region / photo REUTERSThe invaders are advancing in the Kharkiv region / photo REUTERS

Russian invading troops seek to capture two settlements south of Izyum in the Kharkov region.

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, this was announced by the speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk during a briefing in Kyiv.PauseUnmute

He said that in the Slobozhansky direction, “the enemy, with groups from the 6th Army, as well as coastal troops of the Baltic Fleet, continues to deliver air strikes on Kharkov and shell the city with artillery.”

Also, according to him, in the Izyum direction, enemy units from the 1st Tank Army, the 20th Army of the Western Military District, the 35th Army, the 68th Army Corps of the Eastern Military District, as well as the airborne troops are conducting offensive operations. in the direction of Barvenkovo.

“The aggressor seeks to establish full control over the settlement of Velikaya Kamyshevakha, which is 20 km southwest of the city of Izyum, and also to capture the village of Kurulka, 20 km south of Izyum,” Motuzyanyk said.

Earlier it was reported that  in Kharkiv and the region, Russian invaders wounded 15 citizens in a day, three were killed .

(c)UNIAN 2022


    • Correction, Mike, mafia land is barely a regional power. Tactical withdrawals are a great way to get an enemy to do things that are good for you and bad for him. I’m sure that the Ukrainian leaders know what they are doing.

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      • I think there is some of that going on too Sir Facts. You would know better than I but I can see Ukrainians letting the vermin in after evacuating the people. That may spare the cities from bombing and depict them as unguarded so the fools rush in and later get surrounded by Elves.

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  1. Why is this happening?
    The heavy weaponry is still not in theatre; at least not in sufficient numbers?
    The defenders do not have sufficient combat troops in theatre?
    Or, the defenders are biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike? Unlikely, but possible I suppose.
    If there is still a shortage of combat troops, there is no alternative but to hire mercs; shitloads of them.
    If putler takes Donbas, the war won’t stop; it will be just beginning and our worst nightmares will start to become reality.
    It will seem that Austin and Blinken’s “we will move heaven and earth” statement of intent was just hollow words unless a much more aggressive strategy is adopted.
    Ok, let’s forget the NFZ for now. How about if the allies just start using air power to support the defenders?
    How about deploying those drone squadrons controlled from Las Vegas to hit the putinazi supply chains? How about some B2’s? Putinazis would not know what hit them.
    FFS think outside the box and forget this timidity.
    A genuine “coalition of the willing” is needed to stop this horror.

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    • I wouldn’t be so worried about such minor advances by the cockroaches, scradge. Tactical withdrawals are a great way to get an enemy to do things that are good for you and bad for him. I’m sure that the Ukrainian leaders know what they are doing.

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      • I’m concerned that the allies haven’t move quickly enough though facts.

        Oleksi Arestovich is getting a reputation for saying maverick things, for example :

        “The armed forces of Ukraine can take control of Transnistria, if Moldova makes such a request.” (Today).

        On heavy weaponry he said yesterday :

        “A positive scenario of the end of the war is possible when heavy weapons are delivered to Ukraine by the end of May-mid-June.”
        I don’t much like that timeframe, do you?

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        • No, the timeframe is not very good. But, I am not speculating about what is being publically announced, Scradge. I am certain that we don’t know nearly as much about what’s happening on the ground. I look at end results of combat and this shows me that mafia land’s offensive is too slow and lackluster to discount anything sufficient being available to Ukrainian forces to give the rats a real hurting. I am continuously trying to learn about military aspects of the war, but this is not so easy.

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  2. These gains by mafia land are minor. There is still absolutely no sign of any blitzkrieg-type advances. The cockroach army is exhausting itself even with such minor advances.

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  3. Let them advance some more. to thenorth west of these clowns are two armored brigades and a mech Brigade tha tis a full Divisions worth waiting to push east and envelop the Russians in a boiler.
    Just wait till the weather clears and the ground dries and the tankswill start rolling.

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