Germany: Complete independence from Russian oil is a matter of days

Now the government is looking for an alternative.

The share of Russian oil in Germany is only 12% / REUTERSThe share of Russian oil in Germany is only 12% / REUTERS

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck says that Germany is ready to cut off Russian oil supplies.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes about it .

“Today I can say that the embargo has become acceptable for Germany,” the minister said.

The share of Russian oil is only 12%. “And this share falls exclusively on supplies to the PCK refinery in Schwedt an der Oder,” Habek said.

Now the government is looking for an alternative. Habek is confident that she will be found “in the coming days.”

During Habek’s meeting with his Polish colleague, it was discussed that the port of Gdansk could play a key role in supplying the plant with fuel by sea.

At present, the enterprise is connected to the Rosneft pipeline.

The publication notes that so far, Habek argued that Germany’s independence from Russian oil could not be achieved before the end of the year and that an immediate embargo would cause serious damage to the country’s economy.

Ukraine insists on the introduction of an oil and gas embargo against Russia by the EU, but there is no unanimity among EU members on this matter.

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  1. Krautland … always resisting to the end and then things work out just fine. Why not right away and spare yourselves the embarrassment?

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