From the FB page of Alexander Senkevych; Mayor of Mykolaiv

April 26

(Imperfect Translation)

In Nikolaev, preparing for the arrival of Russians from Crimea, – Mayor of the city Alexander Senkevych.

Russia through Crimea transfers weapons and resources, accumulates them in the Kherson region. “Yes, we expect an attack or siege of Nikolaev. Today we are cooking together with our military defense facilities. Both on the outskirts of the city and inside. Our utilities are now playing the role of budbatu. We build, pour, concrete. In addition, we are still pulling out Russian military equipment from the fields… So I’ll say briefly: we’re preparing for a full-scale invasion,” Senkevich said.


  1. I find it shocking that this Mayor needs to make this announcement; especially on the day that Lloyd Austin stated in a press conference :

    “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” That meant Russia should “not have the capability to very quickly reproduce” the forces and equipment that had been lost in Ukraine.”

    The US administration must understand that with Mariupol destroyed and Kherson under putinazi occupation, Ukraine simply cannot afford to lose Mykolaiv; it would be the end of Ukraine.
    What has Lloyd proposed to ensure that this cannot be allowed to go ahead? It must have been discussed at the Kyiv meeting surely?

    • All this would have been prevented if they would have just listened at the beginning when Zelensky told them what we needed. But Biden and the other asshats said preventative sanctions could be provocative even though Ukraine was already surrounded. Why is everyone in the West worried about upsetting Hitler 2.0? This is the same Hitler 2.0 that gave his “final warning” to Mariupol 8 times and did nothing that he threatened to do.

  2. “Austin said Washington is “going to keep moving heaven and earth so that we can meet” Kyiv’s needs.”

    Great. That noble aspiration must begin with the fortification of Mykolaiv and Odessa and the retaking of Mariupol and Kherson. The latter in double quick time, because if the orcs are kicked out of Kherson, they can’t attack Mykolaiv.
    Let’s see some real fucking urgency here for once.

    • The current maladministration is a typical Dimocrat pack of thieves. The only urgency they feel is for stuffing their own pockets.

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