At least 400 Ukrainian children and adults were raped by Russian invaders – Ombudsman

There is still not a single person among the victims who wanted to testify to the investigating authorities.

Denisov: at least 400 Ukrainian children and adults were raped by Russian invaders /
Denisov: at least 400 Ukrainian children and adults were raped by Russian invaders /

The Russian military raped and raped Ukrainian children and women. The free psychological support line for victims of sexual violence received more than 400 calls. 

Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova spoke  about this in an interview with Suspilny .

“At the end of March, our military began to liberate the Kiev region. Calls began, people said that they were victims of sexual violence. Together with UNICEF, we set up a free round-the-clock hotline to provide psychological support. From April 1 to April 14, there were 400 such calls. Now, Of course they continue,” she says. 

There is still not a single person among those who applied who wanted to testify to the investigating authorities. Many victims of sexual abuse do not remember everything that happened to them. 

“They only remember the beginning of the tragedy and the end. But the part to tell about what happened, it takes time. The project manager says that when three, five, six, sometimes eight sessions have passed, the person only then says: “Thank you, it became easier for me. That is, yes, we talk about the crimes committed by the Russian Federation. But it is the work of the Prosecutor General, law enforcement agencies to conduct investigative actions. They do it,” Denisova comments. 

Appeals are received not only from the liberated territories, but also from those captured by the Russian invaders – when communication is resumed there. 

In Vorzel, the invaders raped a male guard: he died

From the stories already available, it follows that the rapists are young people, rapes occur only in public. 

“There are two features. The first is that the rapists are young people aged 20-25. That is, those who just grew up on the way Putin ruled, on this propaganda of his. This is the first. And the second is that they do it publicly. Necessarily in front of other people and groups. So that others can see how they mock the one who is raped. And they rape like this: they keep one who does not want to allow rape, for example, a sister. We have evidence that she is 25 years old, and her sister 16. They hold this 25-year-old, she screams, begs on her knees: “Don’t do this to your sister, do this to me!”. And the other two do whatever comes to their mind, with her sister. That is both need help,” the Ombudsman says. 

The invaders raped a pregnant girl and an elderly pensioner near Krivoy Rog

The occupiers also rape children. There are pregnant women among teenage girls. After the experience, children develop suicidal thoughts and feelings of guilt. 

“And when five orcs rape an 11-year-old boy in his mother’s presence, how can you stand it? And when a 14-year-old three orcs rape? Then, when Bucha was released, her mother takes her to the doctor, and he says that she is pregnant. And you can’t do it abortion. Here’s what’s next, how to pull out both the mother and this child? You see, they rape and scream: “See? So it will be with every Nazi whore. “And when the child does not want to live, an 11-year-old girl. The mother called:” what to do? “Because she considers herself guilty of not listening to her mother. Gostomele, and she wanted to do something warm for her mother: pick flowers. And then this rapist. And she only remembers the beginning, and then she doesn’t remember anything, only when she was already thrown to the ground. And she cries, “says the Ombudsman.

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