Tourism Agency head calls for ban on Ukrainian tour operators to work in Russia, Belarus


Head of the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine Mariana Oleskiv is in favor of legally banning Ukrainian tour operators from operating in the Russian Federation and Belarus.


“Currently, the Agency, together with the competent authorities, is compiling a list of tour operators that cooperate with the Russians or have final beneficiaries in the aggressor country. We are preparing a number of proposals for sanctions that will be applied to such players in the tourism market,” Oleskiv said in an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine.


She said that from a moral point of view, it is generally not acceptable for Ukrainians to conduct any business with the Russian Federation after this war. “We must legally regulate the ban on Ukrainian tour operators to operate in Russia and Belarus,” the head of the Agency said.


Commenting on such legislative restrictions in the field of tourism, Oleskiv said that she did not know how much time should pass and generations grow up so that Ukrainians could talk about cooperation with Russians.


“Regarding Belarus, which does not seem to be at war with us, but our cities and villages are being shelled from its territory – until there is a change of power there, there can be no talk of any cooperation,” she added.


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  1. What Ukrainian would entertain either going to Russia or entertaining Russians coming here???

  2. Capwillie already said what I was thinking too. Any Ukrainian who tries going into Russia even after the war, will literally be putting their life at risk.

    • Agreed. The Putinistas have proven they are every bit as Nazi and Hitler’s were so they deserve to be treated in the same way. This is also why so many Russians are leaving Putin’s toilet, they know what’s coming and they know it won’t just last years but generations.

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