Russian forces’ barrier troops killed 30 fellow soldiers– Vitalii Kim


By Aleksandra Klitina

 Published April 25 at 1:44 pm

Screenshot of a video on Vitalii Kim, telegram channel on April 25.

Vitalii Kim, head of the Mykolaiv military administration, said on his Telegram channel on April 25 that 30 Russians had been killed by their own men.

“There is intercepted information that the Russians retreated and shot dead about 30 men. We already knew about their barrier units, but their bodies were burned. They burned the evidence of their crime, there was smoke. And the smell of the smoke was terrible. If the Russian orcs are listening, it would be better for you to give yourselves up. The chance that you will be killed and buried here is minimal.” – said Kim.

The Russian army uses barrier units behind the main troops to prevent the escape of servicemen from the battlefield, the capture of spies, saboteurs, and deserters.


  1. Vitaliy is in normal life the Governor of Mykolaiv oblast.
    He keeps his people informed on social media 24/7. Seems tireless. He is unflinching in his opinions of the orcs. He knows that his life would be in terrible danger if the vermin take his wonderful city. For the sake of its citizens and all Ukrainians, it is essential that it remains orc-free.

  2. The cockroach street gang is relentless in committing crimes and no horrid act can be too despicable.

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