International partners must find solution to be able to restore Ukraine at expense of frozen Russian assets


Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal says that international partners must find a solution to be able to restore Ukraine at the expense of frozen Russian assets.


“If Russians will leave territory of Ukraine, if we will have guarantees of safety for our country, from our partners, if we will have a possibility to recover our country and using Russians’ frozen assets. So I think that we can seeing that the war is finished and that Ukraine have a glory in this war,” Shmyhal said in an interview with CBS News.


The prime minister said they are discussing with the United States and other partners the possibility of transferring Russia’s frozen assets to Ukraine.


“This should be a very good case for future possible aggressors. They all should understand that world society, the world community will take all of their assets and will pay by these assets for this country, which is suffering because of their aggression,” Shmyhal said.


He said it is important to find such a solution for Ukraine, and subsequently make it the standard for the future.


© Interfax Ukraine


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  1. One way or another, RuSSia must pay $1.5 trillion in reparations to Ukraine. This will include $1m to each family of people murdered by Russia since 2014.
    Also Georgia should get $1m to each family of Georgians murdered in 2008.
    Also, one way or another, Germany must pay $0.5 trillion for inflicting genocide in 1942, avoiding paying and then funding the infliction of genocide by RuSSia in 2022 and again avoiding paying for it.
    There might also be a case for further reparations from Russia for the Holodomor and reparations to Poland from Russia for Katyn and Smolensk.
    France and Germany also should be forced to pay Ukraine compensation because they both sold weapons to Russia that were used to murder Ukrainians.

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