Ernst Blasts Biden Admin for Dragging Feet in Helping Ukraine — ‘We Should’ve Done More to Deter’ Russia


In a Sunday interview on New York AM WABC 770 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) criticized the Biden administration for being “slow” to help Ukraine in defending itself against Russia.

Ernst told host John Catsimatidis that despite knowing Russia was amassing at the border, the White House dragged its feet and failed to do enough to “deter” Russia.

“When we were looking at the situation, we knew that Russia was amassing at the border of Ukraine,” Ernst outlined. “We should have been providing everything necessary to deter Russia. Not only sending in the armaments but also providing sanctions; making sure that we were going after the Russians as quickly as possible, getting those sanctions in place so he’d know there would be repercussions for going into Ukraine.”

“So, the Biden administration was slow on all those fronts, but … we should’ve done more to deter this because we knew that once Russia went into Ukraine, we were going to have a heck of a time trying to get them out,” she added. “We should not send American troops. [Ukraine] is not part of NATO, but they are our friend. And we signed the Budapest agreement with Ukraine in 1994, which basically said if you get rid of all of your nuclear armaments, the United States will defend you. We are obligated to defend Ukraine, but not with our blood. Maybe with our platforms, our weapons systems and so forth.”


  1. “We are obligated to defend Ukraine, but not with our blood.”
    Wrong conclusion; having just referenced Budapest, which surely meant exactly that? Otherwise why would Ukraine have signed?’
    It also raises another odd question: Nato membership obligates the expenditure of blood and treasure to help a fellow member. It’s hard to think of even one country in Europe that is more pro-US than Ukraine, but how would Americans feel if their armed forces were required to make those sacrifices for say, France or Germany?
    If the need arose, Americans WOULD be required to expend blood and treasure for two countries that hate them, but are not required to do so for a country that loves them. Seems a bit odd to me.

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    • It is more than odd. I wish that one day we’ll have an administration that will scrutinize our NATO membership closely and draw the same conclusions that we have. NATO is more or less dead, for me and for you guys too. We have good reasons to think that. This war has exposed many more facets to underline these facts.

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      • I am just saddened that all the security postures we’ve taken since WWII have all failed in Ukraine. In 1948 there was no “article 5” and there was no Budapest. There was no UN and no OSCE. They’ve been organized since Hitler to prevent another Hitler. who the hell can allow an invasion and genocide to your next door neighbor and claim they have no duty or responsibility to stop it? The whole fucking thing failed and once again, Ukraine has to pay the price. I hope after this is over Ukraine will organize another group that will punk NATO because they deserve it.

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        • Goes to show you that the UN was a failure from the outset due to the way it was organized, the OSCE has trash members, and a huge swath of Western politicians are bought and paid for mafia whores and many more are simply too moronic, greedy, weak, corrupted and lazy. All this allows the rise of Kims and Putins and all the other trash around the world.

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  2. The US could offer illegal immigrants to join a secret US special force to fight in Ukraine in exchange for permanent residence. Away from that, Biden knew a loooong time before the war started what’s gonna happen, and he did not send the arms necessary. Had Ukraine received advanced air defense systems and real bad ass arms – Mariupol would still exist. But we must no look back, we must look ahead. Now is the time to send these bad ass arms and secret US special forces to support and coordinate ukrainian troop movements. Many in North America and Brazil have some ukrainian blood running through their worthless bodies, so the blood thing is utter cowardice and total bullshit.

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