Ukraine regains control of eight settlements in Kherson Oblast


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have regained control over eight settlements across Ukraine’s southern Kherson region.


That’s according to Operational Command South, Ukrinform reports.


It is noted that in Kherson region, on the eve of a sham “referendum” on proclaiming a self-styled “republic,” the enemy tried to intensify its offensive.


Russian attempts at advancing to Oleksandrivka and Tavria remained unsuccessful, as were the attempts to seize Mykolayivka. The enemy attacks were repulsed with artillery fire, the Ukrainian military wrote.


“Our units have regained control over eight settlements in Kherson region from the positions of observation posts,” the statement said.


Ukrainian units in the area of Kyselivka, opened fire on enemy forces that had been preparing for the offensive. The Russians suffered heavy losses and retreated toward Chornobaivka.


It is believed that the total losses incurred by the Russian troops include 74 servicemen and 13 units of heavy equipment, including two main battle tanks, a multiple rocket launch system, six armored and engineering vehicles, and four reconnaissance drones.


The Ukrainian military also recalled that on April 23, Russian Tu95 strategic bombers had launched missiles on Odesa.


Three of the eight missiles were shot down, while the rest hit the city’s infrastructure facilities, including a multi-storey apartment block and a cemetery.


According to the latest update, eight people were killed by the strike, including a 3-month-old infant. Another 18 people were injured.


In the Black Sea Operational Zone, the enemy naval grouping amounts to about 20 units, including submarines carrying Kalibr cruise missiles. Blocking navigation in the area, and conducting maritime and aerial reconnaissance, they are posing a threat of missile strikes almost throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military noted.


After 22:00, another missile attack on Odesa region came from the sea. Enemy missiles, fired toward the Pivdennyi seaport, were shot down by Ukraine’s air defense forces.


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