Ukraine began to receive heavy offensive artillery systems from NATO countries

Ukraine has achieved the supply of heavy weapons for offensive operations – and Western partners are reporting on the expected volumes.

If the number of units of heavy artillery corresponds to the declared one, the Ukrainian Defense Forces will be able to “close” the issue of heavy howitzers for themselves for a long time.

To date, 11 partners have expressed a desire to supply this type of weapons.

The United States distinguished itself with the largest number of howitzers – President Biden announced that already on April 25 Ukraine would receive 90 M777 howitzers with a caliber of 155 mm along with tractors and a large number of shells for them. Canada will also supply four howitzers of this type.

Little Estonia reported on the delivery of nine 122-mm D-30 howitzers.

The Czech Republic promised to send us more than two dozen 152-mm DANA and DANA M2 guns, and Slovakia – 18 units of 155-mm Zuzana wheeled self-propelled guns.

Poland decided to give us more than 20 self-propelled guns Gvozdika 2S1 with a caliber of 122 mm.

The Netherlands announced the delivery of two dozen 155-mm self-propelled guns PzH 2000.

France unexpectedly decided to “fork out” for 12 mobile self-propelled systems of the “Caesar” type.

Belgium will give away 24 M109A4BE self-propelled guns with a caliber of 155 mm, and the UK – several dozen AS-90 self-propelled guns.

In addition, Ukraine will receive several dozen MLRS BM-21 Grad and M142 HIMARS.

This number of heavy guns is enough to form four artillery brigades, it is only necessary that the partners keep their promises.



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