Three generations died in one family: new details of the deadly enemy shelling of Odessa (photo)

In Odessa, not only a small child died, but also his mother and grandmother, journalists learned.

In Odessa, a child, his mother and grandmother died in one family, journalists found out / photo GlodanIn Odessa, a child, his mother and grandmother died in one family, journalists found out / photo Glodan

In Odessa, as a result of the shelling committed by the invaders on April 23, three generations perished in one family – a 3-month-old girl, her mother Valeria and grandmother.

Odessa baker Yury Glodan lost family members.

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The founder of the center “Diya.Business Odessa” Alexander Vernik wrote on Facebook that Valeria was a very bright person, she worked in his LAPTI team several years ago.

Glodan himself on the social network briefly commented on the death of family members and published a photo of those whom he had lost.

“My relatives, the kingdom of heaven! You are in our hearts!” – wrote the man.

Valeria Glodan is from Kherson, her maiden name is Yavkina. Valeria was 28 years old, she studied at the Odessa National University at the Faculty of Journalism.

The girl married Yuri Glodan on August 30, 2019. Later, the couple had a daughter, the girl was named Kira.

The death of Valeria with a child has already been commented on by her friends and teachers.

“…Valeria is a bright, beautiful, kind girl… There are no words. Let’s pray for them today,” teacher Natalya Steblina wrote.

“… Three generations of the family died at once – Lerochka, her mother and a three-month-old baby. A monstrous grief,” shared the teacher Ekaterina Valkova.

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  1. RuSSia is the kingdom of the Lord of the Flies: fuhrer pootler.
    I never thought we would see such evil and hatred as Bucha go unpunished, but now we have Mariupol and now this latest horror : murdering a little baby and her family.
    This just can’t be allowed to go on.
    At the purported meeting today with Blinken and Austin, Zel must make it clear that Ukraine expects a very harsh and painful response to this savagery.
    Firstly at the very least, Biden must be persuaded that ground troops and NFZ are no longer ruled out. In fact NOTHING must be ruled out.
    Even if putler can’t win militarily, he can inflict genocide. It should be made clear that two can play the genocide game.

    • Some of the evil Orcs have described their deployment to Ukraine as a “safari” and that is the evil Putin has sent to Ukraine. Such heart-wrenching evil must be stopped once and for all. If we are to denazify the world we would all do well by starting with the Kremlinals.

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