Russia cannot extinguish Siberian forests due to war in Ukraine (video)

In total, up to 800 forest fires have occurred in Russia since March.

Siberian forests are burning in Russia / screenshotSiberian forests are burning in Russia / screenshot

Siberian forests are on fire in Russia . The fires cannot be extinguished due to the lack of military firefighters – they were redeployed to invade Ukraine.

According to The Independent , the area of ​​fires has doubled this year.

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“Because large fires often require military aircraft to detect and verify satellite reports and fight fires in Siberia, it is doubtful that these forces will be available even in the summer if the war continues. So either there will be more fires … or these aircraft and personnel will be taken away from the western front and brought to Siberia,” said Jessica McCarthy, a climate researcher at the University of Miami.

Scientists fear that large-scale fires will affect the melting of permafrost, which in turn leads to a new wave of fires. forests are on fire in Russia

Forest fires in Russia: what is known

There is information that natural fires surround Siberia and the Far East. Part of the cities was covered in haze, the fire is already approaching the settlements.

In total, up to 800 forest fires have occurred since March on an area of ​​more than 45,000 hectares.

Earlier it was reported that a big fire broke out in the very center of Moscow the other day .

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  1. Buryats are native to Siberia. I used to think their were ok. Until they committed horrific atrocities in Ukraine. Of course I understand that they were Russified; ie nazified, but fuck the lot of them. Burn fuckers.

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    • Putin doesn’t even want to stop the forest fires in Siberia, he refuses help every year. It is part of his plan to boost global warming and raise the temperatures in the Arctic so he can move his gas through easier.

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      • Some researchers think that warming in the arctic is a precursor to an ice age. If we end up in a little ice age, Russia will probably starve.

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