In the United States, the bank accounts of two consulates of the Russian Federation were closed. The Russian ambassador announced the “blockade” of the embassy in Washington

Bank of America, one of the largest US banks, closed the accounts of the Russian consulates general in Houston and New York, Anatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassador to Washington, said on the Russia 24 TV channel.

“In fact, the embassy is under blockade by US government agencies. The accounts of our two Consulates General in Houston and New York have been closed by Bank of America. Threats come to our address: both telephone and letters come. <…> At one time, even the exit from the embassy was blocked, ”said Antonov ( quoted by RIA Novosti ).

The Russian ambassador also mentioned “quite numerous demonstrations” outside the embassy. In addition, according to him, “there were acts of vandalism, poured paint.” Antonov connected this with “Russophobia, which is currently deployed in the United States,” writes TASS.

Antonov has repeatedly complained about harassment by US authorities in the past. So, he spoke about the repeated expulsions of Russian diplomats and that he himself  was threatened  with leaving Washington.

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  1. Antonov connected this with “Russophobia, which is currently deployed in the United States,” writes TASS.

    Unlike the Ukrainophobia currently underway in mafia land.

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    • In case the Chief Orcs haven’t noticed ruSSophobia is now worldwide since they ordered the Ukrainian safari. But like the Orcs they are they don’t understand it. Putin’s ruSSki Mir has failed AND set them back 2 generations.

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  2. The west should close its embassies and Consulates in Russia, and close the Russian Embassies Consulates in the west.

    Putin’s Ukrainian safari will destroy Russia. Putin is squandering the rest of the generation it needs to grow out of the corner they are in. Now, that won’t happen. All that awaits Russia is the “hook in the jaw” that will draw it to its appointment on the mountains of Israel where what’s left of the Army dies. Only one in six will make it back home.

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