In the Kherson region, our defenders regained control over 8 villages, repulsed the attacks of the Rashists and arranged for them a “new Chernobaevka”

On April 23, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully repelled enemy attacks and launched a counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

According to the Operational Command “South”, our defenders destroyed significant enemy forces that were trying to storm the villages of Aleksandrovka and Tavriyskoye near the border with the Nikolaev region. The enemy did not achieve success and was forced to retreat.

After that, our troops launched a counteroffensive and regained control over eight settlements in the Kherson region.

Also yesterday, a grouping of enemy troops near the village of Kisilevka, northwest of Kherson, came under fire from our artillery. The Ukrainian Armed Forces set up a “new Chernobaevka” for them there – 74 enemy soldiers, two tanks, a multiple launch rocket system, six armored vehicles and four drones were destroyed. After that, Russian troops retreated from Kisilevka to Chernobaevka, which is located 20 kilometers to the east.



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