In the Donbass, the Ukrainian military destroyed 13 tanks and shot down three enemy drones in a day

In addition, three artillery systems, 17 armored vehicles, four armored combat vehicles, 18 vehicles and four enemy tankers were destroyed.


In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Ukrainian military destroyed 13 tanks and shot down three enemy drones in a day.

According to the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation during the current day, April 24, the military personnel of the Joint Forces grouping successfully repulsed 7 enemy attacks.PlayUnmute

“Thanks to skillful actions and skill, our soldiers inflicted losses on the Russian invaders. In particular, the Ukrainian defenders destroyed 13 tanks, 3 artillery systems, 17 armored vehicles, 4 armored combat vehicles, 18 vehicles and 4 enemy tankers,” the report says. .

In addition, air defense units in the sky of the Ukrainian Donbass shot down 3 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Orlan-10 type.

In general, over the week of the outgoing year, the military personnel of the Joint Forces grouping repelled 63 enemy attacks, destroyed one anti-aircraft missile system of the invaders, 55 tanks, 20 artillery systems, 97 armored vehicles, 6 armored combat vehicles, 2 special engineering units, 62 vehicles and 5 tankers of the Russian army.

During the week, air defense units shot down 5 aircraft, one helicopter, 28 unmanned aerial vehicles and 3 enemy cruise missiles.

Recall, Arestovich called the weaknesses of the Russian army and the superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. The ukrainian strategy is too defensive. They must attack and reconquer all of occupied Donbas. Minsk is dead. Ukraine can land missiles right on Donetsk’s fake-mayor’s head. Otherwise i must assume Zelensky unofficially recognized DLPR or is still on a Minsk frequency.

    • Hi Mike,
      I do disagree on the Ukrainian tactic being too defensive.
      I think the Ukrainians have a really sound plan, and in the Donbas, Kherson and Kharkiv region they are basically repeating what they did in the Kyiv region, successfully.

      Ukraine couldn’t have won the war if they used some Blitzkrieg tactic, because they lack the equipment to do so and they would have to incur too many losses.

      I am as impatient as you are as there are so many civilians dying every hour the war rages on, but if the Ukrainians will start the counteroffensive too soon it may result in a loss for Ukraine.

      Imagine that when the war started, the Russians had a huge advantage in numbers in terms of manpower and equipment. On paper the Ukrainians had more soldiers than the Russians used for the assault, but one of the problems the Ukrainians had is that they were spread around the country and a large share of the most experienced fighters were still in the Donbas region.

      But the Ukrainians were much smarter, as their defensive tactics consisting of ambushes and using strategic depth to thin out the Russian army and stretch their supply lines, they could destroy them with very few losses on the Ukrainian side.

      In the Donbas, Kherson and Kharkiv region they are basically repeating this. With ambushes and non-stop attacks on supply lines they have already destroyed a large chunk of the forces that Russia prepared for the large scale assault on the Donbas, without them gaining much ground.

      The strategy is to first exhaust the Russians (and I think we are very near this point) and then to counter attack, using the new long range military hardware received recently. If the Ukrainians would counterattack now and lose too many forces if they go head on and engage in short range fighting (which the Russians could win because they have a lot more artillery than the Ukrainians have), the Ukrainians risk the encirclement of the JFO troops as Russia could cut them of by capturing territory south of Kharkiv and north of Mariupol.

      I do think Ukraine will try to recapture the whole of the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts and maybe even Crimea when the Russian army lost enough troops and manpower. I think the Ukrainian government knows perfectly well that they need to recapture the entire territory, or NATO membership will be out of the question. And I think this war will be the only chance Ukraine has to restore its full territorial integrity.

      I also think the Ukrainian people will not accept to give up any territory, so Zelensky has little choice.
      We should have full confidence in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, because they did a magnificent job and have outsmarted the Russians in every possible way. As I think the Ukrainians did everything right so far, I have confidence they will start the counterattack at the very first moment it is possible, and I think it will be very successful.

      • Bert I like your reasoning. However, unlike the terrain in the north, the terrain in the south is flat with little cover such as forests to be able to use guerrilla tactics. All in all, I’m not a military strategist and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, at a minimum, have earned my respect and my confidence. Let them do what they been doing and with God’s blessing our country will be free of the cockroaches

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