There are no more “people’s policemen” left in the “DNR” – most of them died near Mariupol

Because of this, problems with public order and forced mobilization began in the pseudo-republic.

In the “DPR” there are no more “people’s policemen” / photo REUTERS

There are no more “people’s policemen” left in the so-called “DPR “. All of them died in battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in different directions. And most of all “policemen” of the Armed Forces of the DPR were liquidated near Mariupol. Now in the “DPR” there are problems with public order and mobilization, and the illegal authorities of the pseudo-republic have begun an investigation into the fact of losses among the personnel.

The relevant information was shared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the official Telegram channel .play video

“In the battles in the Mariupol direction, the occupiers involved the entire personnel of the so-called “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR”, including servicemen of the “internal troops of the DPR” and cadets of the “Donetsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” the GUR said.

About 1,000 members of the “people’s militia”, including 26 cadets, were killed in the Mariupol direction. Another 2,800 people died from the sanitary staff. In other directions, the loss of 500 and 2100 people, respectively.

Due to the lack of “law enforcement officers” in the “DPR”, problems with public order have already begun. And it became more difficult to carry out further forced mobilization.

The “Minister of Internal Affairs of the DPR” decided to appoint a special internal investigation against the head of the “Donetsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” and the heads of the apparatus of the “VR MVD” on the fact of losses among the personnel.

Recall that the Russian command expected to mobilize 26,000 reservists on the territory of ORDLO. However, the plan was thwarted , as men between the ages of 18 and 65 avoided the draft in every possible way. Videos were even circulated on the Web showing how those who are subject to mobilization are being caught in the LPR and DPR.

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  1. Decimating its cockroach population is a good thing, and I welcome more cannon fodder to be sent into the meat grinder. It won’t take too long before mafia land is drained, empty, and kaput!

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      • He’s dredging the swamps to see what comes up, toss a uniform on them, if they are lucky, and maybe a rifle to go with it. Then tells them to “go and die for me (I mean Mother Russia)”

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        • Yep, everyone but him to the front. I saw today they kicked all the Moskali out of church so Putin Satan could have an Easter photo op. Right back into his bunker afterwards too I’m sure. There’s a real leader…

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      • Only from South Ossetia in occupied Georgia. And it seems that they all went home. There are unlikely to be any real Georgians left in South Ossetia these days. Ditto Abkhazia.
        Thousands of Georgians are fighting for Ukraine. They even have their own Georgian legion with a Georgian commander.
        It is not known how many anti-Khadirov Chechens fight for Ukraine, but it’s a lot; maybe more than putler’s Chechens.

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