The situation in Kyiv and the region on April 23: a chronicle of the war for today

On the eve of Easter, the situation in Kyiv and the region remained calm, but air raid alerts still sounded.

What is happening in Kyiv today?  / photo UNIAN
What is happening in Kyiv today? / photo UNIAN

UNIAN tells online what is happening in Kyiv and the region on Saturday, 04/23/2022.PlayUnmute

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‼️Today, April 23, power engineers will work on restoring power supply in the Buchansky district.

21:25  New circular train in Kiev set a recordFor 5 days of operation, the station immediately entered the top ten most popular, passengers were mainly sent to Darnitsa, the central station and Pochaina.

20:18  Tomorrow, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will come from Ukraine, Zelensky said at a press conference. According to him, the pace of arms delivery will also be discussed. “I want us to have heavy powerful weapons ,” Zelensky said.

20:01  100,000 tulips bloomed in the center of Kiev On Maidan Nezalezhnosti, near the building of the Foreign Ministry and on the territory of St. Sophia of Kiev, said the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Nikolay Povoroznik. And during an active confrontation, these flowers are perceived in a special way, they seem to say: “Life will win!” – emphasized the Deputy KSCA.

19:40  A temporary bulk bridge is being erected on the Kyiv-Chernihiv road “We are arranging an embankment of a temporary bypass road. A pipe will be installed to pass water. This is the second temporary crossing built on the road. We recently completed work at the previous location and redirected the equipment here,” – travel guides said.

18:41  10 houses destroyed during the war will be demolished in Kiev“About 10 houses with damaged load-bearing structures will be dismantled because they cannot be repaired. For another 100 houses that were damaged, they are now calculating how they can be restored and rebuilt,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko.

18:36 The  Labrador from Irpin, whose photo has spread all over the world, is looking for new owners. The picture, which became known all over the world, was taken by Los Angeles Times correspondent and photojournalist Markus Yam, who came to Irpin to film the aftermath of the fighting with the invaders in the city.

17:23  Life continues in the Kiev Zoo Baby lemur Bayraktar has grown up. Gorilla Tony has a good appetite and mood. Elephant Horace immediately goes to cover when he hears the air raid signal. Zebras, which did not come out for 23 days of the war because of the explosions, are already walking in the open air. The tigress Delilah comes to her senses after moving from Kharkov. The zoo is currently not accepting visitors.

16:51  Public utilities are clearing the collectors of the Lybid River Specialists of the KP “Pleso” are cleaning up the debris of the Lybid River. This is stated on the company’s Facebook page.

16:25  To resume the work of base stations in the cities of Bucha and Irpin, Starlink stations are used – the Ministry of Digital Development.

16:04  Curfew in the regions of Ukraine on Easter night.

15:06  Kiev. The Kyiv City State Administration warns that metro trains will be stopped in the capital for the duration of the air raid alert. This will happen while traveling through land sections on the “red” line. And on the “green” trains will not call on the South Bridge if the siren sounds. Note that now the schedule in the Kyiv subway is already rare – you have to wait for trains for 20-30 minutes. The new rule could make the journey through the subway even longer.

13:17 ATTENTION! An air alert has been declared in Kyiv! We ask everyone to urgently go to the shelter of civil protection!

12:51  Descent of the Holy Fire 2022: what kind of event and when to watch online.

12:00 PrivatBank reported possible delays and disruptions due to a failure.

11:40  How to leave Kiev on April 23: train schedule.

10:41 In Kiev, more than a ton of Russian shells have been seized and liquidated since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Round the clock employees of the explosive service neutralize dozens of grenades, mines and missiles.

10:23 In Kiev, two tram and two trolleybus routes have resumed:

#11 from – Kontraktovaya Ploschad – Jordanskaya street

No. 22A – Perov Boulevard – st. m. “Forest”

No. 27K – Art. metro station “Pochaina” – DSK-3 on Otradny Avenue

No. 31 – Miloslavskaya street to the railway station “Zenith”

10:17 Losses of Russian troops on April 22:

09:45   595 children became victims of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine . The official number of dead children has not changed over the past two days – 208. The number of injured has increased – 387.

09:32  In Bucha, 412 bodies of residents tortured by Russian invaders have already been found. According to the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, the collection and exhumation of bodies is nearing completion in the city, but the final death toll will be clarified by investigators and experts who work in Bucha.

09:23  In Gostomel, the body of the village head Yuri Prilipko was exhumed. Recall that Yuri Prilipko was shot dead in early March by Russian invaders, when he was delivering food and medicine to residents of the Gostomel residential complex “Pokrovsky”.

01:50  Railway communication between Kiev and Sumy has been restored.

In Kyiv and the region, the curfew for Easter was reduced. It will be valid from 23:00 (Saturday, April 23) to 5:00 am (Sunday, April 24).

After the liberation of Kyiv and the region from the Russian occupiers, the situation stabilized, but the threat of air strikes still remains.

Recall that Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the morning of February 24. As a result of Russian attacks, there is destruction of infrastructure and residential buildings in many cities. In addition, the invaders are killing civilians.

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