The Belarusian railway is involved in the shipment of things looted by Russian marauders in Ukraine

Belarus is actively involved in the movement of goods and things looted by Russian Nazis in Ukraine, and the Belarusian railway successfully provides forwarding services for their transportation.

According to independent journalists from Belarus, the railway control and transport service centers of the Gomel branch of the Belarusian Railways have found another unexpected source of income – they process applications from Russian marauders for the transportation of goods in wagons and containers.

Cargoes are sent mainly from the stations of Zhlobin, Kalinkovichi and Gomel, and the recipients are the stations of the Moscow railway of Russian Railways.

In particularly complex delivery options, the Belarusian linear transport service center is included, which calculates the cost of payments.

To send large containers with stolen goods, the local transport and logistics center Belintertrans is connected.

When concluding contracts for transport services and forwarding of loot, looters fill out applications electronically in the MESPLAN system.


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  1. It illuminates the scale of theft that this locust army has committed if it requires a railroad system to transport it back to mafia land. Mafia land is a criminal entity, through and through.

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