Poroshenko urges Canada to adopt Lend-Lease Act


The fifth president of Ukraine, MP Petro Poroshenko (the European Solidarity faction) has thanked the Canadian government for supporting Ukraine and called on Canada to adopt an act on lend-lease for Ukraine.


“We need a lend-lease act. Just like it was during World War II. Everything is needed today – from food to ammunition, including heavy weapons, heavy howitzers, heavy mortars, ammunition. And this is something that can change the rules of the game in this war. Can you imagine that the future of the world depends on just 300 tanks, 1,000 armored vehicles, 500 howitzers and 100 fighters,” Poroshenko was quoted as saying on CBC News.


According to him, under such conditions, coordinated efforts and global solidarity with Ukraine, which are able to strengthen Ukraine in order to eject Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, are very important.


“During the meeting of the G7 countries, Chrystia Freeland (the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada) was one of those who came up with the initiative to provide Ukraine with financial assistance in the amount of $ 24 billion. I think it’s a great idea if Chrystia Freeland was in the Council of Donors to accompany the use of these funds, to direct them to appropriate reforms, so that post-war Ukraine is both better and stronger, and an even more democratic, European, and even freer country,” Poroshenko stressed.


He also invited Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau to visit Ukraine.


“Chrystia, we are waiting for you in Ukraine. This is a very important time for a visit together with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also a very good friend of Ukraine and my good friend,” the MP summed up.


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