Invaders plotting strikes on Ukraine on Easter, writing “Christ is Risen!” on shells – intercept

Invaders plotting strikes on Ukraine on Easter, writing

23.04.2022 15:20

The invaders plan to intensify shelling of civilians and military on the Easter holiday, cynically writing “Christ is Risen!” on munitions.

That’s according to an intercepted call of a Russian soldier to his family, Ukrinform reports referring to the SBU security service.

“Our guys are preparing some Easter eggs for hohols (a derogatory term for “Ukrainians,” used in Russia – ed.) Our tankers write “Christ is risen!” on the shells. We’re having the time of our lives,” one of the soldiers tells his wife.

However, when the conversation touches upon his unit deployed in Mykolaiv region, the soldier’s tone becomes different. Of the 19 men in his platoon, only seven remained in place, while the rest have either been killed or fled the warzone.

“No new men are coming. On the opposite – everyone’s leaving! Who would they send us? Everyone is fleeing! Some 600 people have already resigned from our brigade… Only the most persistent ones and drunkards remain here,” the occupier sums up.

The SBU commented as follows: “This is just the ideal contingent for defending the ‘RuZZian world’. But our military will do everything possible to ensure that what’s left of the enemy brigade is ‘disbanded’ ASAP.

As reported earlier, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov vowed some “Easter cake” for the enemy. According to him, these cakes are brought in across the border every day by special convoys, and tomorrow, some “new Easter cakes for the Armed Forces are expected to come, which will be really successfully against the enemy.”

From the start of a full-blown invasion of Ukraine, the death toll of the Russian forces amounts to nearly 21,600.



    • Well I’m a tribal Protestant but a practicing agnostic. I very, very much hope there is a God, but have no proof either way.
      I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that an entire, huge country not only wants to be ruled by a sadistic, genocidal, thieving dictatorship, but its citizens want it to thieve more land. They even glory in the atrocities it commits; the more evil the better.
      I have been to church numerous times to pray for an end to the war, but have not been successful so far. There is even a FB page: Pray for Ukraine, in which its members post moving prayers each day for Ukraine. I enjoy reading them, but; no success so far.
      I don’t give up hope though…..

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      • The Lord put us (the West) to a test, so far we failed it. All suffering is not Putin’s fault, it’s our fault. Cowardice and egoism were stronger than the Bible. Only we can save Ukraine.

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