As a result of missile attack on Odesa, military facility and two residential buildings damaged

Servicemen of anti-aircraft units in Odesa shot down two enemy cruise missiles and two operational-tactical drones, the South Air Command reports.

“During the conduct of hostilities, the soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile units destroyed two enemy cruise missiles (preliminarily X555 or X101), which carried out a strike on the city of Odesa and two drones of the operational-tactical level, which allegedly carried out correction of the flight of cruise missiles and put active obstacles to air defense systems of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Facebook post reads.

It is noted that the missiles were launched by strategic aircraft TU-95 of Russia from the Caspian Sea.

“Unfortunately, two missiles hit a military facility and two residential buildings,” the command said.

As reported, several rocket attacks were carried out on Odesa on the afternoon of April 23. Advisor to the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko reported one dead.

There is no confirmation from the official authorities on the victims and injured yet, however, MP Oleksiy Honcharenko reported on Telegram about three people who died as a result of a missile attack on Odesa.

Update: 5 deaths have been reported, including a 3 month old baby. 18 people have been wounded.

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