Putin took over the duties of commander-in-chief: Grozev assessed the risks

Within a few days or weeks, the head of the Kremlin may correct some obvious mistakes, the journalist said.

Putin trusts no one, says Grozev / REUTERSPutin trusts no one, says Grozev / REUTERS

After the unsuccessful attack on Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to take over the duties of commander in chief. From now on, the head of the Kremlin will personally give orders in the war with Ukraine.

This was stated by Bellingcat journalist Hristo Grozev in an interview with popular politics.

“He understands that this (the failed attempt to storm Kyiv – ed.) is a huge reputational price for himself. Therefore, it’s impossible for him to just stay in the old position and believe these people who promise something new now – this is impossible,” Grozev believes.

Grozev added that, according to his sources, Putin is trying to control everything on his own and give instructions, because he no longer trusts anyone: “He is really now trying to participate himself and be a real commander in chief. It will be very interesting. Putin does not trust anyone and orders himself.

Within a few days or weeks, the head of the Kremlin can correct some obvious mistakes, but, Grozev is convinced, he will not be able to build a new strategy for the war against Ukraine.

“We’ll see in a week… The more he personally participates, the worse it will be for the strategy,” Grozev said.

What came before

On April 21, during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin gave the order to stop the assault on Azovstal, where hundreds of civilians and military personnel are stationed.

Prior to this, the territory of the plant was unsuccessfully attacked from the sky.

Aleksey Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the OP, considers this decision evidence that Russia simply does not have enough troops at present to take control of the huge area of ​​​​the enterprise.

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