Germany will not refuse Russian gas and will not supply Ukraine with heavy weapons.

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Germany cannot give up Russian energy, including gas, as it will severely damage its economy and stop the war in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an interview with Spiegel, according to European Truth.

“I don’t see the gas embargo ending the war at all. If Putin had been open to economic arguments, he would never have started this crazy war,” Scholz said.

He also said that it was not about making money, but about avoiding a dramatic economic crisis, losing millions of jobs and production.

“It would have serious consequences for our country, for the whole of Europe, and it would seriously affect the financing of Ukraine’s reconstruction. Therefore, I must say: we cannot allow this. And thirdly, does anyone really think about the global consequences?” “Scholz said.

He added that in the context of dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal, it was necessary to ensure the possibility of using other suppliers in a very short period of time.

“If necessary, Germany should finance liquefied gas terminals and infrastructure for East German refineries, even if they were not cost-effective. This is a real mistake that has bothered me for a long time,” he added.

In this interview, Scholz also explained that Germany cannot hand over heavy weapons used by the Bundeswehr at Ukraine’s request, as there is a threat of Russian aggression against NATO.

Asked what prevents Germany from giving up operational equipment from the Bundeswehr and then gradually replacing it, Scholz said: “The need to always be able to defend the territory of the alliance.”

“This is a difficult compromise that we constantly have to reach together with our partners. After all, the threat to NATO territory from Russia remains. We hear this, in particular, from our Baltic partners, who are asking us to increase the Bundeswehr’s presence.” “We must resist the attack for 12 days with our ammunition and our equipment. Therefore, in the current situation of threat, I will do my best not to forget this commitment,” the chancellor said.

He believes that the best option is to help Ukraine with former Soviet weapons, which do not need training, and Berlin is negotiating its supply with European countries that have its reserves. Джерело:



  1. Scholz is little more than a coward. Germany is in a very weak position. Half its GDP is from exports. It’s time to turn the screws on Germany. It’s no longer the country I left in 1969.

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