Russian invaders drop three-tonne bomb on Azovstal in Mariupol


During the bombardment of Azovstal in Mariupol, Russian invaders used a three-tonne bomb for the first time, MP, member of the parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Fedir Venislavsky (Servant of the People faction) has said.


“According to the information of the Intelligence Agency, yesterday for the first time such a super-powerful bomb was actually used in order to maximally destroy the premises and communications of Azovstal,” Venislavsky said on the air of the national telethon, answering a question about the use of three-tonne bombs by Russian aviation.


MP Serhiy Taruta (Batkivshchyna faction) also reported on the use of super-powerful air bombs by Russian invaders in Mariupol.


“Russian fascists dropped a powerful bomb on a hospital in Azovstal area. According to my information, there are about 300 people under the rubble there, including children. In the surviving part of the hospital, the defenders were wounded and Mariupol residents with children were hiding,” Taruta said on Facebook on Tuesday.


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  1. When putler’s demonic war is over, the world must be held accountable for allowing his nazi thug regime to obliterate Mariupol without offering the kind of military response that would have stopped this genocide.

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    • You might have to wait because its likely they will spend years patting themselves on the back for preventing WWIII.
      If dropping a 3 ton bomb on a hospital doesn’t make them want to help then nothing will……and then MORE hospitals will receive Putin’s bombs.

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  2. Mariupol is being leveled like no other city since WWII. Human corridors are opened and then shelled. Bucha and other atrocities filled the front pages. Cockroaches given orders to murder POWs. The West stumbles and trips through this evil war like a pack of bloody beginners – except for the handful of highly intelligent nations, UK, Poland, Czech Republic and the Baltics. This war is NOT shedding a positive light upon the West. Some have even chosen the dark side.

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