Putin ordered not to storm Azovstal plant


Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his forces not to storm the Azovstal steel plant in the besieged city of Mariupol, but instead to block it “so that not even a fly comes through.”


Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu said the rest of the city beyond the sprawling steel plant, where Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are sheltering, had been “liberated”, a phrase Russian officials use to describe the areas of Ukraine they have seized.


Earlier, Ukrainian defenders inside the plant had warned they were outnumbered and running out of supplies.


Leaving the plant in Ukrainian hands means Russia is unable to declare complete victory in Mariupol, which has seen some of the heaviest fighting of the war.


The city’s capture would have both strategic and symbolic importance.


The definitive fall of Mariupol would deprive Ukraine of a vital port, complete a land bridge between Russia and the Crimean Peninsula and free up Russian troops to move elsewhere in the Donbas.


Ukrainian officials have not yet commented on Mr Putin’s remarks, but Mr Shoigu said the plant was “securely blocked”. 


The comments suggest a change in strategy for Russian forces who had previously seeming determined to take control of the entire city.

Soldiers, civilians sheltering from bombs in tunnels and bunkers


Earlier, Ukrainian authorities said four buses had managed to evacuate civilians from Mariupol, but thousands more remained trapped in the city that has been reduced to a smoking ruin.


Ukraine said the Russians began dropping heavy bunker-busting bombs to flatten what was left of the Azovstal steel plant earlier this week.


By Russia’s estimate, a few thousand Ukrainian troops remained in the plant and its labyrinth of tunnels and bunkers spread out across about 11 square kilometres.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said about 1,000 civilians were also trapped in the plant.


One Ukrainian who is reportedly in the plant posted a video on Facebook urging world leaders to help evacuate people from the plant, saying: “We have more than 500 wounded soldiers and hundreds of civilians with us, including women and children.”


The officer identified himself as Serhiy Volynskyy of the 36th Marine Brigade and warned: “This may be our last appeal. We may have only a few days or hours left.”


Russia has repeatedly issued ultimatums to the defenders to surrender, but they have been ignored.


More than 100,000 people are believed to still be Mariupol with little if any food, water, medicine or heat.


The city’s pre-war population was around 400,000 people.


Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser for Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, said on Twitter that he and other Ukrainian negotiators were ready to hold talks without conditions to save the lives of trapped Mariupol defenders and civilians.


There was no immediate response from Russia.


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  1. Putler’s nazi regime has kidnapped thousands of children from Mariupol and deported them to far flung regions of Russia for Russification. Or more correctly; nazification.
    This is a staggering crime that must be punished massively. On top of the genocide and mass rape campaign.
    RuSSia must be de-nazified.

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  2. Telegraph commenter:

    Jonathan Karmi
    “Two things are clear :-
    The West must up its game in supplying weapons to Ukraine before it’s too late. The Russian advance on Kramatorsk illustrates that.
    Germany’s recalcitrant attitude to the war demands a response. May I suggest a 20% tariff on imports from Germany with the proceeds going to Ukraine. Let’s call it a tax on shoddy ethics.”

    My reply was :

    Excellent comment. I fully agree.
    When this demonic war is finally over, I expect Russia to be required to pay; one way or another : $1.5 trillion in reparations for the horror and genocide they inflicted.
    As for Germany, it funded putler’s war machine. For twice causing genocide to happen in Ukraine and twice trying to wriggle out of reparations, the bill should be $500 billion. It should be enforced by the Budapest signatories.

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