Putin admits that life in “LNR” has changed for worse over 8 years

Russian President v.putin has stated that over the past 8 years, life in the part of the Luhansk oblast occupied by russia has worsened. The relevant video was posted by the russian TASS agency.

“Unfortunately, a lot has changed in Luhansk and in the luhansk people’s republic over these years, but for the worse”, – the dictator said.

He explained this by saying that “bombings and hostilities continued there for all these 8 years. And of course, it was very difficult for people”.

According to the person who initiated the eight-year “bombing” in the Donbas, “it was the tragedy in which the lives of people in the Donbas, including in the luhansk people’s republic, took place, that forced, simply forced russia to start this military operation, which everyone is well aware of today”.

(C)OSTROV 2022


  1. Of course, the rat gives Ukraine the fault for the worsening conditions in the occupied part of Donbas and not the bottomless corruption, repression, coercion, incompetence in government and economics and so many other things that the ruskies screw up regularly.

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