Boris has played a blinder.

But it’s not enough

By Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press. April 21, 2022

Russia has a powerful ally; Germany, hiding in plain sight. Its current Chancellor is no different from treacherous predecessors such as Schroeder and Merkel. The East did not reunify with the west in 1990; the West reversed into the East and became a covert Russia vassal. All Chancellors since that time have answered to Russia. But only one so far; Schroeder, is an overt asset. The others are all in effect undercover agents. Even today, East Germany is still crawling with Russia supporters. They were able to mobilise a nauseating rally of Z marked vehicles in Berlin and elsewhere to celebrate their filthy war. Most were Russian immigrants, but many were German Putinverstehers; of which there are disturbing numbers.

Germany collaborated with Russia to ensure that millions of young men from primitive and savage cultures settled in Europe. The purpose was destabilisation, the strengthening of far right pro-Russia parties such as that of Russia collaborator Le Pen and to a lesser extent the left leaning pro-immigration parties.

Thanks to the pernicious influence of Germany, Russia has far more friends in Europe than Ukraine.

Putin almost certainly sought and obtained assurances from Germany that after he had taken Ukraine it would be “business as usual.” We can be pretty sure of this because the German foreign office told Ukraine the war would be over in a matter of days.

What needs to happen now :

Deliver Zelensky’s full weapons shopping list x 2 without further prevarication.

Enforce strictly a total trade embargo on Russia. Including the full cooperation of Germany. No more SWIFT exemptions.

All air, rail, sea and road links between Europe and Russia plus its puppet Belarus must be completely shut off.

Boris and Duda need to grit their teeth, enforce the NFZ with Ukraine and send UK and Polish ground troops to protect Mykolayiv, Odessa and Kyiv oblasts. Thus will allow the Ukrainians to put more manpower into Donbas. The defenders will also need more men to retake Kherson and the entire Kherson oblast, without which, there is no Ukraine.

As for Mariupol, Britain should send a naval task force to help the Ukrainians retake it. Or what’s left of it. Important that it does not fall under the putinazi jackboot.

The Budapest signatories and the EU should start building a world class air defence architecture for Ukraine. Starting with Kyiv, which must never again be vulnerable to putinazi attack.

A bitter irony is that the homeland of Hitler; Austria, is a steadfast Russia shill (whilst claiming to be nonaligned) and the country hitler ruled; Germany, is nothing more than a Russia vassal.

When this demonic war is finally at an end, Ukraine must pursue Germany through the courts for twice putting its people through hell and twice wriggling out of reparations.

I expect RuSSia to be required to pay $1.5 trillion for this obscenity and Germany should provide another $500 billion. Furthermore, I hope and expect that the Budapest signatories should enforce this.

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