Biden made a statement about the war in Ukraine: the main thing

He stated that the United States will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.


United States President Joe Biden issued a new statement on the situation in Ukraine.

The broadcast was on YouTube.

Biden said that now Russia has reoriented the company to seize new territories in eastern Ukraine.

He announced an $800 million new aid package to Ukraine. It will include artillery systems, howitzers and their ammunition, tactical drones.

“The United States is acting as quickly as possible to provide support to Ukraine in the form of military assistance, which is necessary to protect their country,” Biden said. 

He separately focused on the fact that not all weapons that the United States is transferring to Ukraine are reported. Also, the States will continue to provide Ukraine with intelligence and will allocate another $ 500 million in economic assistance.

“Our unity sends a clear signal to Putin – he will never be able to occupy all of Ukraine,” Biden said. 

He also officially announced a ban on Russian ships from entering American ports. 

“We will never give in and we will oppose tyranny,” he stressed. 

In addition, the United States will launch the “Unite for Ukraine” program. It should allow Ukrainian refugees to emigrate from Europe to the United States under an accelerated procedure.

The day before, US presidential press secretary Jen Psaki said that he “with sadness or with fear” perceives terrible photos from Ukraine : “for the people of Ukraine, for families, for children, for innocent civilians at risk.”

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  1. “We will never give in and we will oppose tyranny,” he stressed.

    Then send our army to fuck the invaders up! Stupid demented coward! It is the heroic ukrainian fighters who are preventing the enemy from moving straight to Lisbon!

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  2. He is well acquainted with personal pain and loss, and has great love and empathy for Ukrainians as well as others whom courageously joined along side of the military, territorial defense, medical and aide workers. But yes it’s slow moving and late, things should have been done months ago. So very much more needs to be done such as mobile emergency units and camps, improved logistics, as well as streamlined evac from combat sites. Most of all the world together needs to step in and crush this lunatic and his orc forces once and for all.

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  3. I admit that Biden has been VERY slow waking up to reality about mafia land and this war, but wake up he did. I have enough anger for the utterly spineless coward and corrupt piece of dog shit Scholz.

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    • Its nice of Bidenov to remove his dunce cap for the video. He continues to give Putin the green light in Ukraine. This is embarrassing…

      “Our unity sends a clear signal to Putin – he will never be able to occupy all of Ukraine,” Biden said.

      Note the words….all….of Ukraine. So according to white flag Joe, as long as Ukraine keeps Kyiv, or L’viv Putin can have the rest of it. yeah, there is a tough, freedom-loving, democracy-protecting POTUS.

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      • Yes, I admit that the wording is suspicious. But, as long as enough weapons, ammo and fighters are available to Ukraine, mafia land won’t even get to occupy a part of the country.

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