The United States is cutting liquefied natural gas exports to Japan and China in favor of Europe 

liquefied gas

US liquefied natural gas supplies to Asian markets are declining as supplies to Europe increase.

This is evidenced by customs statistics of the largest consumers of LNG – China and Japan, reports Interfax .

It is noted that Europe is actively trying to reduce its dependence on Russian gas through alternative supplies, including LNG from the United States. The European LNG market from the United States is the most logistics-friendly.

At the same time, its supplies to China virtually ceased. And if the unexpected absence of American raw materials in the January statistics could be explained by a one-time failure, the February summary confirmed the objectivity of this trend. According to Chinese customs statistics, Beijing did not receive a single batch of American LNG in January 2022, and one tanker arrived in February. In January and February 2021, approximately 13 LNG consignments were received from the United States, totaling 0.9 million tons.

US LNG supplies to Japan fell more than twice in the first three months of 2022, to 1.25 million tons from 2.72 million tons in the first quarter of 2021. At the same time, the monthly decline increases month by month: in January shipments fell one and a half times – up to 651 thousand tons, in February 2.3 times – up to 411 thousand tons, in March 4.3 times – up to 190 thousand .ton.

Russian LNG supplies to China increased by 40% in the first two months of this year to 722,000 tons. Exports to Japan increased by 12% over the quarter to 2.14 million tons, including 11% in March to 710,000 tons.

In two months, China reduced LNG imports by 15% to 9.49 million tons, and Japan reduced its purchases by 12% in the first quarter to 20.4 million tons. Джерело:

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