“Shoigu has already been executed”: Russian journalist predicted Putin’s fight with the military

Piontkovsky predicts that the dictator may accuse his generals of betrayal.

Putin cannot avoid conflict with the military, Piontkovsky believes / photo ua.depositphotos.comPutin cannot avoid conflict with the military, Piontkovsky believes / photo ua. 


Russian dictator Putin is in for a clash with the military in the future, which will end with the liquidation of one of the parties.

This forecast was voiced by Russian journalist Andrey Piontkovsky, writes Today . According to him, a “purge of generals” is already underway in the Russian Federation, many prominent military figures have stopped communicating.

“The purge of the generals has begun. Firstly, the appointment of General Alexander Dvornikov as commander-in-chief of the Russian army is connected with this. Secondly, the disappearance of a number of prominent public figures,” Piontkovsky said.

He stressed that propagandists are showing previously prepared stories with Defense Minister Shoigu, trying to convince the Russians of his existence. Piontkovsky is convinced that the minister has already been executed.

“Putin will change the military and put insane executioner colonels like Dvornikov,” the expert predicts, assuming that the dictator may accuse the generals of betrayal.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I love it! Let the rats kill each other. I hope that Putler kills as many generals as possible. This will NOT help his war effort at all, despite their poor performance. Of course, one of them will sooner or later manage to kill the rat himself. The sooner, the better.

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    • The House are due to vote on the Lend Lease after their spring break, which is tomorrow. Should that get passed, Muscovy are dead in the water. If Putler believes his propaganda that the Soviets defeated the real nazis without lend lease, is he in for a fucking surprise.

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        • That vote should already have taken place. The Democrats like to make noise, but getting things done is a bit harder, and longer.


      • Without lend lease, the Germans would have killed the rest of the Soviet Army. Stalin’s Army did not not beat the Germans by itself, no matter how much they may wish to fantasize. Without the output of the USA, the western allies could not have beaten Germany either.


  2. Everyone is working for Ukraine!

    Even shorty himself!

    8 Days left until he reaches the pinnacle of the emulation of his Hero.

    Who is the whore he will take with him though?


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