Exports of Russian oil by sea fell by 25% in a week – Bloomberg 


Exports of Russian oil by sea decreased by a quarter during the week of April 9-15, compared with the period of April 2-8.

According to Bloomberg and port agents, a total of 30 tankers loaded from Russian export terminals about 21.8 million barrels, or an average of 3.12 million barrels per day, which is 25% less than in the previous period.

At the same time, oil exports to Asia from ports on the Black Sea, Baltic and Arctic coasts fell to their lowest level in two months.

During the week there was a decrease in volumes from all four export regions. Urals and Siberian Light oil flows from terminals in the Baltic and Black Seas fell by 770,000 barrels per day, or 30%, while oil exports from the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk fell by almost 60%.

Meanwhile, shipments from the country’s three eastern terminals on the Pacific coast fell by 205,000 barrels per day, or 17%. Exports from Murmansk decreased by 57 thousand barrels per day, or 15%.

Declining oil exports mean lower revenues for Moscow. At current export duty rates, the week’s exports brought the Kremlin about $ 181 million, down $ 60 million from a week earlier.

At the same time, the agency notes that although the decline in Russian oil exports for the week looks very significant, overall exports have returned to the level observed before April 1. However, on average, the fall in oil exports from Russia’s export terminals since the invasion has reduced the Kremlin’s export duty revenue by 25%. Джерело: https://biz.censor.net/n3335523


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