US, allies to meet over Ukraine as conflict escalates in east

US President Joe Biden will convene a meeting of allies to discuss the Ukraine conflict Tuesday, the White House said, after Kyiv announced Russia had launched a major new offensive in the east of the country.

The meeting, announced on Biden’s schedule, “is part of our regular coordination with allies and partners in support of Ukraine,” an official told AFP, without naming who would be included on the video call.

It will also cover “efforts to hold Russia accountable,” the White House said.

The meeting comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia, which invaded its pro-Western neighbor on February 24, had launched a large-scale offensive in the eastern Donbas region, a move predicted by Kyiv for weeks.

Fighting has intensified in eastern Ukraine after Russia withdrew troops from the region around the capital Kyiv and refocused its efforts in Donbas, which pro-Moscow separatists have partly controlled since 2014.

The United States and Western allies have heaped pressure on Moscow via sanctions, while supporting Ukraine through military and other aid.

Asked Monday whether new measures would soon be announced, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Washington would “continue to escalate our financial sanctions and other economic measures against the Russian Federation until and unless Moscow relents in its campaign against Ukraine.”

“We have not yet seen that, and we’ll continue to raise the costs.”

(c) KyivPost


  1. “continue to escalate our financial sanctions and other economic measures against the Russian Federation until and unless Moscow relents in its campaign against Ukraine.”

    These idiots have still not grasped that the only way to stop Russia is by destroying their army. Talking won’t solve anything at all. You had 7 weeks to flood Ukraine with weapons, but still prefer to expel hot air.

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    • They must urgently be given heavy artillery with a greater range than the putinazis. It should have been in theatre weeks ago.
      Time running out.

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    • Exactly. After 8 years of espousing various levels of concern NOW 2 months into the bloodiest war since Hitler we are having meetings to see what we can send to Ukraine to defend itself without upsetting the new Hitler…..
      There are really 2 wars being fought; Putin and Putin’s army. I think Putin’s army needs to be demolished first, then Putin himself afterwards. Yank his fucking teeth out and it will be much harder for him to speak.

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  2. My Dad mentioned about Newsmax, a conservative American news source, reporting that Russian nukes are indeed being moved into Crimea. Seems like another preparation towards a nuclear WW3. In addition to fighting with our weapons, we should fight with our prayer.

    God please grant glory and victory to Ukraine. Please punish Russia for putin’s evil greed, and all those who complacently serve him.

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  3. RuSSia invested too much ca$h and lost too many soldiers and way too much hardware to back downe now. They will keep rolling until Ukraine finally has the weapons to stop them and force them to the negotiation table. Biden, just like Pelosi, is a ***#***!

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