The magnitude of crimes against humanity by russian occupiers in Ukraine


April 18

Murder map

On February 24, 2022, the forces of the Russian Federation treacherously attacked Ukraine. Moving deep into the territory, the invaders captured all the settlements that were on their way. However, thanks to the heroism of the Ukrainian army, the Russian army was stopped and pushed back beyond the Ukrainian border, and the occupied cities and villages were liberated.

However, having entered the liberated cities and villages, a terrible picture of the war crimes of the Russian army appeared before the Ukrainian defenders. In the occupied territories, for a short period of time, the commanders and soldiers of the Russian army tortured and executed hundreds of Ukrainian civilians. The occupiers raped, killed women and children. They shot cars with people who were just trying to evacuate away from the war.

All these shots flew around the world. The entire world has unanimously called the war in Ukraine a genocide of Ukrainian people. So that no one can forget about the crimes of the Russian army, this site was created. The main task is to show the scale of crimes against humanity of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine.

If you witnessed the crimes of the Russian army and have information about them, you can indicate the address and send a photo – write us an email

We will add them to our database. No crime should go unpunished. Every lost life cannot be forgotten!

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