Russia’s leadership orders to raze Azovstal steelworks to the ground – intercept


The Security Service of Ukraine released an interception of a phone call in which a Russian serviceman talks about the leadership’s order to raze Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol to the ground.


“Despite the superior number of troops, the Russian occupiers cannot seize the Ukrainian Mariupol. Therefore, they want to raze the Azovstal steelwork, where our fighters hold the defense, to the ground. The occupiers neglect the fact that civilians are hiding at the plant. So the Russcists are preparing three-tonne ‘surprises’ from the sky,” the Security Service of Ukraine posted on Telegram.


On the audio recording available to the Service, a commander of the invaders’ platoon, located 4km of the plant, spoke about the order given by the leadership.


“We are waiting here for ‘surprises’ from Russia … three-tonne [bombs] from the sky … They said to raze everything to the ground … A lieutenant colonel came and said, ‘You will experience it yourself, hear and feel it. Just imagine this blast wave,” the invader told his wife.


When asked about the fate of the civilian population, he replied: “Everyone left. Everyone who wanted to, everyone left. Only patriots and those, who think they are very smart, stayed…”


According to the Security Service of Ukraine, this is another confirmation that the real goal of “liberators” in Ukraine is to wipe out our state from the face of the earth.


As reported, on April 18, Russian troops began dropping heavy aviation bombs on Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol.


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  1. From what I have heard, the concrete in this steel works is made to withstand a nuclear blast. If so, I don’t see the rapists 3 tonne bombs having much effect.

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