Russian authorities have recognized the return to production of obsolete Zhiguli due to sanctions 


The Russian car industry will indeed be forced to resume production of obsolete models due to sanctions.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in an interview with Russian propaganda channel RT.

“Of course, they (car manufacturers, ed.) Will be forced to switch to the production of obsolete models, ie those that are easier to operate. Let’s say, somewhere they will switch from automatic to manual transmissions, somewhere they will sacrifice the usual services,” said Borisov.

“But this is a forced measure that will not seriously affect the consumer characteristics of cars. And gradually they will return to the release of those models, the production of which is already established today,” – said the Russian official.

As reported, according to local media, Russia will allow the production of obsolete environmental class “Euro-0” . This decision actually applies only to large Russian automakers, which employ more than 5,000 people, as well as manufacturers of semi-trailers, electric buses or companies under sanctions.

The current technical regulations of the Customs Union stipulate that only cars of “Euro-5” class and above should be put into circulation. But this became difficult after the supply of Bosch engine control systems to Russia, which regulate power and emissions in particular, was stopped.

Earlier, the largest Russian automaker – the group “AvtoVAZ” – decided to produce simplified versions of Lada cars due to lack of imported components. Джерело:



  1. Those cars make an old VW bug look high-tech.
    Next, they will need more horses for the revived horse buggy industry. Mafia land in the 21st century. What a joke!

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  2. “Earlier, the largest Russian automaker – the group “AvtoVAZ” – decided to produce simplified versions of Lada cars due to lack of imported components.”

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