Lavrov says that Russia attacked Ukraine so that “Ukrainians have freedom of choice”

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated that the purpose of the so-called “military special operation” in Ukraine is to give Ukrainians the right to live, realizing their own choice. The foreign minister of the aggressor country made such a cynical statement during an interview with one of the propaganda channels.

“We are not going to change the regime in Ukraine, we have talked about this many times. We want Ukrainians to decide for themselves how they want to live on. We want people to have freedom of choice”, – Lavrov said.

He did not explain why his country committed an act of aggression against Ukraine, where Ukrainians themselves elected a president and parliament. He ignored the fact that, according to opinion polls, the vast majority of Ukrainians support the course towards European integration and NATO membership.

As for the statements that the russian occupation does not aim to “change the regime in Ukraine”, they are blatant lies. In all temporarily occupied territories, the invaders are destroying Ukrainian self-government bodies, flying russian flags and appointing Gauleiters from among local collaborators, who, under the conditions of “freedom of choice”, are not legally elected leaders.

Lavrov did not even mention that the Ukrainians want (and this is their choice) to get russia out of Ukraine and compensate for the losses caused by the aggressor.

(C)OSTROV 2022


    • Yes! They have many chances to choose Putin. Putin has been very nice about it and has made the choice even easier by making sure their are no opponents to confuse the voters.


  1. Not that RuSSia’s violent approach in Ukraine caused people to love Moscow… I only hope when this is over ruSSians and ukrainians will start to think again. All can be achieved, but not by war and murder.

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