Belarus’ Lukashenko Is Reviving Attempts to Reconcile with the West

In the past several weeks, official Minsk has dramatically changed its tone. For the first time since Feb.24 when Russia launched an all-out war in Ukraine, Belarus sent multiple signals that significantly differ from the ones spewed out by Russia. 

For Ukraine, such a change of tune creates a window of opportunity. Yet, it also poses challenges as Kyiv must now figure out how to go about it, argues European Pravda’s editor Yuriy Panchenko in his article New Signals from Lukashenko: How Belarus is Trying to Escape Responsibility for the War.

Russia’s failure to carry out a blitzkrieg in Ukraine alongside an unsuccessful attempt to seize Kyiv has forced Lukashenko to reconsider his options. Moscow’s interest in Belarus, except for using it as a platform for bombing Ukraine is slowly decreasing, meaning Minsk’s chances of receiving reimbursements from Russia for Western sanctions’ the ramifications are becoming low.

Recently, it became known that the Belarussian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei sent out letters to his European colleagues, with Minsk offering to commence negotiations on the gradual relaxation of Western sanctions.

However, these letters are not the only signal that Lukashenko is sending to the West. In fact, there are four of them in total.

First, in March, the authorities released Anzhelika Borus, the head of the Polish Union in Belarus that Warsaw had been vehemently protecting, from jail. She is now under house arrest.

Second, the State Border Committee of Belarus announced that citizens of Latvia and Lithuania are allowed to enter the country without a visa between April 15 and May 15. 

Third, the media disclosed that the migration center, where the 2021 migration crisis unraveled and which Lukashenko used to blackmail the West, is now almost empty. 

So, do four signals suffice to claim that Belarus’s change of heart is deliberate? Most likely, especially since Lukashenko does not have any options but to reconcile with the West.

Furthermore, Minsk is sending signals to Kyiv as well. In its recent list of “unfriendly countries”, Minsk, unlike Russia, does not mention Ukraine. 

Although both Kyiv and the EU effectively ignored Belarus’s signals, Ukraine’s move is playing into the hands of Minsk. After all, if Ukraine is not planning to fully cut off trade with Belarus, then why should the EU do it? 

Accordingly, Kyiv must not be silent. Instead, it should become more active in its relations with Minsk. 

Read more in Yuriy Panchenko’s article New Signals from Lukashenko: How Belarus is Trying to Avoid Responsibility for the War in Ukraine.


  1. “Recently, it became known that the Belarussian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei sent out letters to his European colleagues, with Minsk offering to commence negotiations on the gradual relaxation of Western sanctions.”

    Sanctions need to be increased so the Belarus economy is devastated as much as the town of Bucha was devastated. There would have been no genocide in Bucha had Luka not let the orcs attack Ukraine from the North. Belarus are still allowing Russia to attack Ukraine with long range missiles based in Belarus. If Luka removes all Russians and their hardware from Belarus, then the west could look at this as some kind of gesture, but doesn’t take away the fact that Luka is responsible for genocide, and needs to swing alongside Putler.

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    • My wife was telling me about a Ukrainian actress in the US. She has always said she was from Russia even though she was from Chernivtsi. NOW she wants to say she’s from Ukraine. Suddenly a lot of people want to say they’re from Ukraine, namely Rashists and Belarashists.

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      • Makes you sick, these scumbags changing sides once they see which way the wind is blowing, although I not heard any condemnation of Russia coming out of the Russian quarters in Florida.

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          • I think she might be mistaken on that one. She’s from a Russian-speaking Ashkenazi family, but she’s never claimed to be RuSSian.
            Zel just recently congratulated her and her husband for raising $30m to help Ukraine.

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            • I invite you to convince my wife otherwise 😉 She knows Ukrainians that claim to be Russians it is sport for her. Sure they raised money NOW when it is opportunistic for them. I don’t trust her intentions, perhaps she’s been in Hollywood too long.

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              • I would respectfully invite her to produce proof of this.
                The reason why Ukrainian Jews are Russian speakers is because they were forcefully Russified in the era of the pogroms and also during the Lenin/Stalin era.
                This is also the reason why Ukrainian Greeks; the “Azov Greeks”, are Russian speakers; they were forced to. The headquarters of the Azov Greeks is Mariupol. God knows how many of them have now been murdered.
                The Greeks were there before the Ukrainians, hence names like Khersones etc.
                Azov Greeks, Jews, Krymchak Jews, Krym Tatars, Azeris, Chechens etc all have been fighting with Ukrainian battalions since 2014. Many representatives of these groups are in the Azov Battalion and other similar ones.

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  2. This nazi pig only recently claimed that “Bucha was a British special operation.”
    Only nazi scum like you, RuSSia and isis have rape gangs you fucking pig.
    I hope Belarusians give him the Ceaușescu treatment.

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  3. Had Luka rejected ruSSian troops into Belarus, this war would not exist. A man who oppresses the people, lets his Gestapo beat the hell out of women peacefully protesting with flowers and continues to lick Putler’s anus – is no partner for any civilized country.

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  4. Loony Luka might be loony, but he has an uncanny sense for survival. He knows that mafia land’s end is near, otherwise he would never take such (dangerous) steps.

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