Invaders dream of getting wounded to get paid and go home (audio)

For 54 days, putin has been dreaming about capturing Ukraine in three days. His soldiers’ wishes are more down-to-earth: getting wounded, receiving payments and returning home.

This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘Shrapnel in my leg, tormenting for two months… They get it out, stitch it up, I’ll recover. Even if it’s in my hand, it’s nothing scary… Even if I limp, it’s three million…’ Russian soldier tells his wife.

She does not hide her joy at the prospect of ‘getting rich’. And ‘future millionaires’ already know how to spend the money. Judging by the conversation, it will take just a few days.

‘I’m buying a car for myself and a car for you! Like you wanted, some model with an automatic gearbox. We will buy driving licenses for you and me at once. We go to some boutique, we get dressed for 500,000, and then we go on bender!’ the occupier fantasizes.

According to official data of the MoD of Ukraine, our defenders have already eliminated over 20,000 Russian fantasists.

And the occupier from the audio has a very good chance to be added to this list.


  1. “Even if I limp, it’s three million…’ Russian soldier tells his wife.”

    Russians are even more brainwashed than I thought. From all accounts the Russians are not even paying the military for the genocide they are already committing in Ukraine, never mind getting 3 million for a limp.

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  2. These ruskie soldiers have very high expectations that their government will honor its promises. What utter fools they are! But, I don’t mind at all if they have this faith and get themselves wounded on purpose. That’s less work for Ukrainian fighters.

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