Europe will be able to reduce energy dependence on Russia much faster than expected, – Italian Prime Minister 


Europe could reduce its dependence on Russian energy in a shorter time than previously thought.

According to Bloomberg, this was stated by the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy Mario Draghi, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“Expansion (of energy sources) is possible and can be done relatively quickly, in a shorter time than we thought a month ago,” he said.

“We have gas reserves and we will get new gas from other suppliers,” said the Italian prime minister, noting that the consequences of any “containment” would be mild.

According to Draghi, it is about “reducing heating temperatures by one or two degrees.” Similar measures will be taken for air conditioners.

He also said that Italy’s proposal to set a price cap for natural gas used for energy production is being approved among other European countries. Джерело:



    • Germany had a deal with Trump before the election to build 3 LNG terminals to import US gas but then he lost the election to the guy who doesn’t want any American energy production. Merkel quickly tore up the deal. Too bad because they would probably be finished with the construction by now if Trump won.

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