EU ports have stopped servicing Russian ships 

the European Union

On April 17, the EU directive banning entry into the ports of ships associated with Russia came into force in all European Union countries that have sea or river ports.

The fifth package of EU sanctions contains a rule that entry to sea and river ports is prohibited for all vessels registered under the Russian flag, reports European Truth .

According to the European Commission, there are currently 2,873 merchant ships with the Russian flag, all of which will be subject to sanctions. Changing the formal registration will not help circumvent this sanction: the EU decision also applies to all ships that lost the Russian flag after February 24, 2022.

There is a pan-European exception to this rule – the decision will not apply to ships in difficulty – for example, gave an SOS signal (Mayday). The decision on the admission of such ships will be made individually.

Member States are also allowed to grant justified exceptions, such as for ships carrying energy, food and pharmaceuticals to EU countries.

Some states, such as Estonia, emphasize that the ban will also apply to private yachts and passenger ships that do not carry commercial cargo. In Estonia, it has been decided that the norm will apply to ships over 15 meters in length, designed for 12 people and more. Джерело:


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