Russian instructors complain about looting in their own units – interception

The enemy suffers heavy losses from the Ukrainian defenders, and does not shun anyone to replenish the army. A Russian military instructor complains over the phone that the fresh batch of recruits is, to put it mildly, not quite fit for war.

The interception of the conversation was published by the Security Service of Ukraine.

“As the colonel said, ten days ago they gathered a rabble all over Rostov. There are drug addicts, grandfathers and prostitutes, fucking, in the form of a man.

According to him, the “newcomers” have heard so much about the looting of the advanced groups of invaders that instead of fire training, they hone their skills right at the training bases of the Russian Federation.

“We thought about leaving the boats near the institute. I went up to talk to their senior – there was some deputy of the division there … While I was talking with him, we turn around: some dolbo.b of them is already dismantling the boat! Right out of the blue! The people there are so crazy… They loot on their own!” the instructor is indignant.



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