The FSB has proposed a 17% increase in public spending on the funeral of the Russian military

The Russian Federal Security Service has proposed a 17% increase in funding for burials and headstones for the military. The FSB has developed a corresponding draft government decree; BBC Russian Service drew attention to him .

Russian laws provide that people who die from injury or illness while performing military service, including employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard, are buried at the expense of the federal government in which they served at the time of death.

The FSB proposed to increase from 20,350 rubles to 28,178 rubles the cost of all ritual services, including the coffin, the wreath, the transportation of the body, and the funeral itself. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, where prices are higher, it is proposed to increase costs from 28,178 rubles to 33,005 rubles.

Also, the department proposed to increase the cost of manufacturing and installing tombstones for fallen servicemen under the contract – from 35,171 to 41,196 rubles, and for tombstones for dead conscripts – from 28,178 to 33,005 rubles.

The draft resolution, prepared by the FSB, will be held for public discussion until April 28.

(C)MEDUZA 2022


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