The enemy ship, which “went to …”, has become a treasure for philatelists

The Russian public is on fire: the defenders of Ukraine have successfully managed to send one Russian warship in a known direction. And not a simple ship, but the flagship of the fleet of the Russian Federation – the Moskva missile cruiser .

A few months ago, Russian social networks discussed the “insignificance” of Ukrainian weapons, in particular our Neptune anti-ship missiles . However, it was they who managed to “ignite” “Moscow”: after the defeat by Ukrainian missiles, the ammunition on the floating craft exploded, and the ship gradually sank to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Yes, this is not yet a victory over Putin’s military machine. However, this event is a triumph for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (and we believe there will be many more of them), which are rebuffing the Russian army during the barbaric war unleashed by Russia.

Shortly before it became known about the destruction of the Russian warship, the main post office of Ukraine – the Joint Stock Company “Ukrposhta” – issued special postage stamps and an envelope called “Russian warship, go …!”.

Ukrainians massively began to hunt for these souvenir stamps and envelopes

Against the backdrop of truly positive news about the destruction of a Russian ship (perhaps the same one), Ukrainians began to massively hunt for these souvenir stamps and envelopes. However, it turned out that the series is limited, and that the “ship” is not enough for everyone. And there were many who wanted to. I am among them.

The fact is that many Ukrainians have a feeling that a new era has come, which can perpetuate the glory of our soldiers and the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people. Today, Ukrainian heroes are desperately defending our freedom, life, and native land every day. And individual outstanding events are symbolic from the point of view of the decisive stages of the war. The destruction of the Russian warship adds weight to the destruction of the myth of the invincibility of the Russian army…

At one post office within historic Podil Kyiv, customers were told that “those same” stamps had been ordered but not delivered to the post office. And they noticed: they don’t know exactly when the stamps with envelopes will be in the department. Old philatelists and neophytes in this business went from one branch of “Ukrposhta” to another in search of a “Russian ship …”. And somewhere in a conversation with someone it flashed: stamps and envelopes are available on Khreshchatyk, in the main postal building of the country. However, there will be a huge queue…

The queue to the philately department, which sells stamps, stretched all the way to the exit from the underground passage of the metro station

I stayed for over two hours. The queue to the philately department, which sells stamps, stretched all the way to the exit from the underground passage of the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. Time after time, the lucky ones who had already managed to purchase stamps seemed to show off to those who had not yet managed to. One person, holding a very thick pile of sheets with stamps and envelopes, announced to the queue that, they say, envelopes and stamps for sending within Ukraine had already run out, there were only those for sending abroad. The crowd got excited.

In addition, during martial law, the post office operates on a reduced schedule – until 16:00 – and even has a lunch break.

However, the end of the working day of “Ukrposhta”, which was inevitably approaching, did not frighten the “hunters” for stamps. Despite the fact that representatives of Ukrposhta told the queue that you can buy what you want on Monday, from 11:00, because 20 thousand sheets with a printed ship are expected to arrive, which went to a known address, people were not going to disperse.

There were also quarrels. In particular, if someone wanted to be in time faster and people began to break through without a queue. Even the man from the territorial defense got it, who nevertheless managed to explain that he was simply in a hurry to take guard, and therefore asked to be let out of the queue …

It was possible to persuade the cashier to work longer than 16 hours. But… only for 10 minutes. However, she agreed to sell the last leftovers “in one hand”, and the people in the queue distributed the letters with the desired pattern among themselves (who were almost at the cash register). Those who were unlucky today were promised to be at Ukrposhta on Monday morning.

Unbelievable excitement! Previously, there was no such demand for postal products. Therefore, perhaps the brand with a warship will not be the last. The valor of our warriors is worth capturing for the future. And maybe Ukrainians will again remember their forgotten hobby – collecting stamps about Ukrainian heroes.

Glory to Ukraine!

Vitaly Saenko

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. For historians: The stamp was released a few hours BEFORE the Moskwa cruiser had an encounter with 2 Ukrainian Neptune missiles, not after. Coincedence………………….lets call it a state secret.

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