Putin’s ex-adviser says one move could end his war in a month

Vladimir Putin’s former chief economic adviser Andrei Illarionov argues that a full embargo of Russian oil could end the war within a month or two. Illaronov discusses this idea with CNN’s Brianna Keilar on New Day.


  1. Am inclined to agree. Unfortunately, Biden’s Democrats believe Germany and France are great allies of the US. Well they’re not; they hate the US as much as they hate Britain and they just want to get back to business as usual with the putinazis.
    A decent president would force the biggest EU consumers of putinazi energy to declare a total embargo immediately, or be declared as hostile to the United States and actively assisting a fascist power to achieve its murderous imperial objectives.

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  2. Indeed, it’s very important to drain the money swamp for the leeches of mafia land. As long as they can finance this war, it will go on. Maybe Ukraine can kill enough cockroaches or cockroach generals. This would end it too.

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