Germany will allocate 3 billion euros for the construction of floating LNG terminals 


The German Ministry of Finance has approved up to 3 billion euros for the construction of four floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals over the next 10 years.

This was reported by Deutsche Welle, Ports of Ukraine reports .

The grant was reportedly issued without prior consultation with the Bundestag’s Budget Committee. This step was necessary due to the existence of “good reasons”, according to a circular of the financial department sent to the head of the Bundestag Berbel Bass.

Relevant agreements are to be signed on April 14 and 20. Liquefied natural gas will be delivered by tankers, which requires freight agreements.

A spokesman for the energy company RWE said the group was involved in the process on behalf of the German government. RWE suggests that a number of tankers may be ready for operation in the winter of 2023. The federal government is investigating where they could be based. We can talk about Wilhelmshaven, Brunsbüttel or Rostock.

At a briefing in Brussels in late March, European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer said the European Commission expected an increase in liquefied natural gas purchases in the United States. According to Mamera, in 2021 the United States agreed to supply about 22 billion cubic meters of LNG to Europe. At this stage, the EU expects to receive an additional 15 billion cubic meters of LNG, which corresponds to 10% of the volume of Russian gas coming to the European Union annually.

Earlier it was reported that in the event that Russia stops supplying gas, Germany has sufficient reserves for supplies at least until late summer or early autumn. Джерело:



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