Front-line reportage from the southern regions of Ukraine: piles of bodies and metal, devastated villages and criminal mores of Russian Nazis  

Dumskaya war correspondent Georgy Ak-Murza again visited the front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the steppes of southern Ukraine. We publish his report.

The situation in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions remains stably unstable, so to speak. Ukrainian defenders are holding back the enemy in the area of ​​the administrative border of the regions, and especially fierce battles are being fought near the village of Aleksandrovka, Kherson region, which is changing hands. However, there are some successes in this direction. The other day, they managed to destroy two warehouses of Russian Nazis there – with fuel and lubricants and ammunition.

Things are better to the north, where a slow but quite confident counteroffensive of the N airborne assault brigade is developing, liberating one Ukrainian village after another.  

On the roadsides of the southern direction now and then come across the skeletons of burnt military equipment and civilian vehicles. Gas stations are empty, there are huge charred fuel tanks nearby. Heaps of iron are also visible in the fields, which until recently moved and fired.

The closer to the front, the louder the explosions. Here the cannonade practically does not stop.

Surprisingly, in the villages, on the outskirts of which trenches and dugouts were dug, people continue to live. For some, mostly for the elderly, it is simply difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to physically leave. Others, younger ones, admit that they stayed just because of elderly neighbors and pets.

– Where will I throw my three dogs and five cats? – says a resident of the village of Shevchenkovo ​​Ivan.

– At the very beginning of the war, they both felt that trouble was coming. They crowded near the door to the house, asking to go inside, although, except for two cats, the rest live in kennels in the yard. And all the days of the war, a whole herd follows me on my heels. So I stayed to feed and look after them. I enrolled in a detachment of rural territorial defense, went with a double-barreled shotgun to the checkpoint, which we ourselves built at the entrance to the village. So dogs with cats and on duty all the time followed me. At the end of February, we were shelled several times, several houses were completely destroyed – we are still clearing the rubble. The Russians did not stop by our village, God bless, they rushed past along the highway towards Nikolaev. We are off the track. And a couple of days later they flew back at the same speed. Now ours have entered, and spring has come immediately after ours. It got warmer right away. And in my heart too…

Shevchenkovo ​​is one of the few villages in the Nikolaev region that were lucky – the invaders did not enter there. There are still many settlements under the dirty heel of the enemy. The Russian Nazis dug in and turned them into their strongholds. It is interesting that enemy propaganda talks a lot about how the Armed Forces of Ukraine “use the civilian population as human shields.” In fact, the rashists are digging trenches next to residential buildings and bringing heavy equipment to the streets of the villages.

Local residents often inform the Ukrainian military about the locations of the invaders in settlements. But this information remains unclaimed for combat purposes. One of the scouts explained to me: they say, what should we do with such locations? You can’t send a Bayraktar or a kamikaze drone to such coordinates. The “peacekeeper” will suffer, it is impossible.

– One Ukrainian civilian is more expensive than a thousand rashist creatures or tanks. The point is not discussed, – said the serviceman.

A little further than the front line, the neutral line begins – the strip between the invaders and our troops. Here is a real lunar landscape – in the fields, laboriously sown and overgrown with a generous future harvest, a funnel on a funnel. Many fields are sown with the corpses of Russian soldiers – the enemy funeral teams obviously did not bother to collect the bodies of their colleagues, who turned into fertilizer on Ukrainian soil. The corpses of soldiers with white armbands are buried by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages on their own. Most often they are raked into funnels.

In addition, in the fields there is a lot of abandoned ammunition from the fleeing Nazis. Most army dry packs are expired, and unloading and bulletproof vests were clearly intended for the “friendly” regimes of Africa – from dilapidated fabric and poor fastenings. But there are also real gifts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – brand new serviceable equipment and weapons.

By the way, the equipment, say the Ukrainian military, was clearly abandoned by the invaders in a hurry: they either could not start it quickly, or minor breakdowns prevented it. Now Kulibins from the Armed Forces are repairing it and painting it over. Z will destroy the former owners.

Spontaneous burials provide abundant food for foxes, jackals and stray dogs that have bred in the neutral zone. In some skeletons of burned-out imperial equipment, there are remains that are literally fused with metal – I personally saw a tank with the letter Z, to the armor of which a piece of leg literally stuck. In general, nothing remained of the limb itself, except for a bone, a piece of camouflage trouser leg and a boot. But the white bandage, which proudly flutters in the wind, is safe and sound.

The villages visited by the occupiers resemble illustrations from a school textbook on the history of the Middle Ages – they look like after the raid of the Golden Horde. The houses were completely looted, in some even the old gas stoves were uprooted, metal-plastic window frames were obviously broken out and taken out. In those houses that the invaders have chosen for themselves, literally everything is polluted. Even in the rooms where they slept, there was a layer of rubbish on the floors, window sills and tables – vodka bottles, torn packages, scraps of used toilet paper with heaps of shit. Stink, flies, empty syringes.

As you know, I am a journalist with a narrow specialization – crime and war. I immediately remember that some apartment thieves have a strange tradition – to crap in a robbed apartment after a theft. Here, apparently, the same thing. Staples!

The inhabitants of these villages are still simply killed psychologically – they say they have never seen so many cattle and homeless people per square meter:

“Russians came to our village at the end of February,” says Nikolai, a resident of the front-line village. – We did not begin to defend the village: where with hunting rifles against tanks and machine guns? They hid the weapons, buried them in the gardens. After a week or two, the products in the store ran out, stocks were also quickly eaten up at home, only conservation remained – tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers. The Russians occupied the most beautiful and comfortable houses. The people who remained there were herded into barns, saying that now their place was there. On the very first evening, they wildly got drunk on water stolen from a stall. Then, drunk, they went to other houses, bursting in at night, taking everyone out into the yard. Men and women were stripped naked, looking for “suspicious” tattoos. Two neighbors, who served in the Soviet army, found tattoos with a blood type. 62-year-old neighbor Vasily was immediately beaten with rifle butts, right in the yard. He died a week later, his head was pierced and not a single living place was left on his body. He also had a Soviet tattoo of the Airborne Forces on his shoulder. They shouted that he was a traitor and Bandera, since he “betrayed Uncle Vasya’s troops.” And the other, who simply had a blood group on his chest, was taken away somewhere with the ends. Nothing more is heard of him.”

By the way, the general practice of the occupiers is that when they enter a Ukrainian village, they immediately go to the village council and the school. They are looking for honor boards and records with the registration of ATO soldiers. And then they purposefully go to the addresses. Even if a family member died long ago in the east, his relatives are sent to a special “filtration” (concentration) camp.

Already there, the relatives of the veteran are being dealt with by employees of the Russian FSB and members of the MGB terrorist group from the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In addition, the occupiers are intensively looking for helpers among the local residents, realizing that they cannot hold the captured settlements simply with bayonets. Traitors who agree to join the police are promised $200 a month. True, in ruble equivalent at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. That is, for money. Most residents of the occupied towns and cities squeamishly refuse such a “profitable” offer. But there are still traitors.

At the same time, as a resident of Kherson, who wished to remain anonymous, told us,

citizens who have agreed to take positions in the occupation administration or the police feel extremely uncomfortable.

– One of the former cops rascal agreed to join the police, – said our interlocutor. – At first, they simply stopped greeting him, he became a leper among his acquaintances, even his elderly mother stopped communicating with him. A couple of days later, his car accidentally burned down and a dacha in Antonovka caught fire. The dacha was extinguished, but the sediment remained … Now this creature does not even come home, it spends the night in the station. He walks the streets and looks around. It can be seen that he is afraid of goosebumps. They definitely won’t let him live here – they’ll give him a shovel on the head in the evening. Let them bury it, no one will find it.

It must be said that among the invaders, who robbed and broke into houses in abandoned villages, there were big “drunk” losses. That is, their mothers clearly should not count on bonus 7 million rubles.

The fact is that the Ukrainian villagers who abandoned their houses, knowing the main interest of the occupiers, left in the cellars whole batteries of bottles with home-made “samogray”, carefully seasoned with rat poison.

How to kill is the concern and business of the Ukrainians themselves. It’s a good thing. And legal.

Author — George Ak-Murza, Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson-Odessa



  1. Very painful to read.
    The Ukrainians have so many things on their plate right now: trying to get fair weather friends to help more is an uphill battle. But they must get a focus on liberating all of the Kherson oblast, including its capital and preserving the territorial integrity of Mykolaiv. They can’t win the war without their Black Sea coastline.

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  2. “The houses were completely looted, in some even the old gas stoves were uprooted, metal-plastic window frames were obviously broken out and taken out. In those houses that the invaders have chosen for themselves, literally everything is polluted. Even in the rooms where they slept, there was a layer of rubbish on the floors, window sills and tables – vodka bottles, torn packages, scraps of used toilet paper with heaps of shit. Stink, flies, empty syringes.”

    The joke about ruskies stealing toilets is not a joke at all. It is bitter reality.
    Russia = shithole.

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