Chechen volunteers fight for freedom in Ukraine

Traitors of their own land – this is how Chechen nationals from the volunteer battalions call Kadyrov’s forces. They fight not only for Ukraine, but for the future of Chechen state. Meanwhile, Kadyrov himself spreads staged videos in brazen vows to seize Ukrainian capital.


  1. Contrast the evil, psychopathic Kadyrov with the commander of one of the Chechen battalions fighting for Ukraine. The former is just a degenerate savage; the latter a highly principled warrior.
    Not only are there several Chechen battalions fighting for Ukraine, but many Chechens fight in the regular Ukrainian armed forces and have been there since 2014.

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  2. There are the good and brave Chechens, like those fighting for Ukraine, and then there are rotting pieces of maggot infested dog shits who fight for the filthy murderer Kadyrov.

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