Britain will increase gas exports to Europe 

Great Britain

This summer, the UK will become a transit country for natural gas supplies to Europe as the EU tries to get rid of its dependence on Russian gas.

This is predicted by the operator of the only British power system National Grid, reports enkorr .

The National Grid predicts a surge in gas exports from the UK to Europe in the six months to September to replenish storage before winter.

The gas comes to the UK from the North Sea, Norway and from ships shipped around the world as liquefied natural gas (LNG), which can then be sent to Europe via pipelines to Belgium and the Netherlands.

At present, Europe receives about 40% of its gas through pipes from Russia. The EU plans to reduce its dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds by 2022.

National Grid estimates that exports to Europe from the UK will reach 5.1 billion cubic meters this summer.

There are three terminals in the UK where LNG can be converted back to gaseous form, in Wales and Kent.

Large volumes of gas can be imported into the UK from the US or other countries before it is sent to Europe. Джерело:


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